LC-Tec’s mission is to provide LC-based products such as liquid crystal shutters and related services that meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer. Through our expertise and drive, we are positioned to design, manufacture, and distribute custom-designed liquid crystal shutters with superior performance.

Why choose LC-Tec as your supplier of Liquid Crystal Shutters?

LC-Tec’s liquid crystal shutters are based on liquid crystal (LC) technology. An externally applied drive voltage controls the light transmittance, and compared to mechanical shutters, they are completely vibration-free, contain no moving parts, have low power consumption, and can easily be miniaturized.
LC-Tec’s Liquid Crystal Shutters offer fast switching and high contrast together with excellent optical quality, and are ruggedized for operation in harsh environments. Customers not finding their required Liquid Crystal Shutter properties are advised that further optimization and custom designing are possible, both in terms of electro-optical properties and mechanical dimensions (up to 14”x16” size). As regards volume supply, any number from a single prototype up to several million units per month can be shipped.
If you request further information regarding our liquid crystal shutters, you are more than welcome to contact us at LC-Tec.

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