Full-featured liquid crystal Controllers


The LCC-230 is a flexible, full-featured liquid crystal controller specifically designed to drive all FOS, X-FOS, PolarSpeed®, and PolarView® models. The LCC-230 incorporates two independent LC channels, each with 30VRMS of range and fully short-circuit protected.

The controller is operated by the LCDriver2 application via a full-speed USB 2.0 compliant interface. LCDriver2 permits dynamic editing of programs up to 96 lines in length. Three trigger modes (internal, line, program) determine how program lines are executed. Up to nine programs may also be pre-stored on the LCC-230 for stand-alone operation.

The LCC-230 is mainly intended for lab and evaluation purposes, custom designed OEM controllers are also available.

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Recommended drive voltage

The shutters (polarization modulators, variable filters, variable retarders) possess mono-stable normally white operation, meaning that without voltage applied the shutter is in its fully open, light-transmitting state*. Applying the drive voltage, VD, switches it to a closed, light-absorbing state**. This voltage must be kept throughout the duration of the time the shutter is required to be in the closed state. In general, increasing the drive voltage amplitude increases the contrast and shortens the closing time.

The transmittance of the shutter reacts to the RMS voltage. In order to prevent ion migration within the LC layer that might impair shutter performance and lifetime, it is recommended to ensure that there is no net DC bias present in the drive signal. This is best achieved via use of one of the two AC square waveforms illustrated below. When the top alternative is used, the recommended minimum frequency is 60Hz if visual flicker is to be avoided. The bottom option is suitable when cycled operation between open and closed states is desired.

* The PolarSpeed®-S and PolarView®-ND models show inverted optical response, i.e. closed without voltage applied (normally black operation). ** The PolarSpeed®-S has a different operating principle and requires specific dual-signal drive voltage waveforms. For details, see the PolarSpeed®-S specification.


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