Customer statements

Customer statements

Lightspeed Design has worked closely with LC-Tec since 2008. LC-Tec tenaciously pursues quality, consistency, and cutting-edge design in their products. The company is extremely reliable in its business practice, scheduling, and delivery. We would highly recommend LC-Tec to anyone requiring best-in-class product.”

Chris Ward
Lightspeed Design, Inc.

Luminex has been distributing optical components to the Japanese market for over 30 years. In 2013 LC-Tec’s products were added to our line-up. LC-Tec offers a wide range of high-performing standard products and the company can rapidly engage in custom designing when required. Our customers are all very satisfied with the products of LC-Tec.”

Taro Koga
Luminex Trading, Inc.

”The Meteor Section of the Royal Dutch Association for Astronomy and Meteorology is using LC-Tec’s fast optical shutters for measuring the orbit of meteors with extremely high accuracy. These shutters run permanently every night and turn out to be extremely reliable. Given our specific need, in all manner LC-Tec always offers great support.”

Felix Bettonvil
Instrument project manager
NOVA/Leiden University – KNVWS Meteor Section

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