Direct-view 3D displays

Direct-view 3D displays

The so-called active retarder 3D display combines the advantages of the patterned retarder technology enabling the viewer to wear light-weight, stylish and flicker-free passive glasses without compromising the resolution of the image source. The technology is based on time-multiplexing of left and right eye images and the positioning of a screen-sized active retarder, or polarization modulator, in front of the display panel. The polarization modulator and the display operate in synchronism so that the left and right eye images presented frame-sequentially by the display have different polarization states imparted by the polarization modulator.

LC-Tec’s fast-switching X-FPM(500C0P) polarization modulator is designed to be fully compatible with readily available passive circular polarization glasses used for 3D cinema and 3D TV. The fast switching enables short dark intervals, leading to minimized brightness loss. The modulator enables symmetric operation between the left and right eye images as well as high contrast ratios between the open and closed states for both eyes, resulting in a high-quality 3D experience with low crosstalk.

Download the Active retarder 3D displays application notes.

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