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Electronic dimming filter for smart eyewear

Augmented reality glasses are wearable computers that add virtual information to the real world by displaying translucent content that can be viewed by the user, while at the same time allowing visibility of the surroundings.

One factor that determines how distinct this augmented world is visually perceived is the brightness of the ambient environment in comparison to the brightness of the near-eye display system. As lighting conditions changes, for example when the user goes from indoors to outdoors, the brightness ratio of the two worlds also changes, something that can result in significantly reduced legibility.

An attractive solution for overcoming this issue is to incorporate a dimming filter that controls the amount of ambient light reaching the eye and matches it to the display system. The innovative liquid crystal based PolarView® filter offers analog dimming control, with the level of dimming being adjusted by an applied drive voltage.

In addition to augmented reality glasses, the PolarView® filter can also be successfully used in other smart eyewear benefitting from electronic dimming control. LC-Tec is currently working together with the SKUGGA team for developing smart sunglasses. SKUGGA eyewear uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the tint and the tint profile can be personalized via Bluetooth.

Download the PolarView®-ND(14)-F product description.

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