LC-Tec Holding: LC-Tec Displays AB signs agreement with supplier of variable filters based on plastic substrates

LC-Tec Holding AB’s subsidiary LC-Tec Displays AB has recently signed a multi-year agreement with a partner and supplier of variable filters based on plastic substrates.

The agreement is an important part of LC-Tec’s focus on smart glasses products, as it ensures high delivery capacity of LC-Tec’s patented and patent-pending PolarView® filter. For the smart glasses application, it is a great advantage to be able to offer low-weight bendable filters, which is achieved by manufacturing on plastic substrates instead of on the glass substrates used in LC-Tec’s existing manufacturing line.

About LC-Tec
LC-Tec is a technology company specializing in optical components based on liquid crystal (LC) technology. Located in Borlänge, Sweden, the company has over 25 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing a wide range of LC-based products, including optical shutters, variable ND filters, polarization modulators, and information displays. The facilities houses advanced electro-optical laboratories as well as a modern passive matrix LCD manufacturing line. LC-Tec is a publicly traded company, listed on the NGM Nordic MTF stock exchange market. More information about LC-Tec can be found at

For further information, please contact:
Jesper Osterman
Managing Director
LC-Tec Displays AB
Tel: +46 243 79 40 70